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Greyhound Wall Art Quilt

Greyhound Wall Art Quilt

$171.68 CAD

Greyhound Wall Art

Greyhounds are like chips. Once you realize how "greyt" they are, you can't have just one.

This is a Greyhound art quilt collage of two greyhounds that are gazing upward. The inspiration was a picture that was taken of one of my greyhounds intently eyeing a treat I had in my hand.

About the dog quilt:

* The color scheme is green, blue, and white.
* The border is black which frames the lighter colors perfectly.
* The back is also in black.
* There are flowers along the bottom of the dogs to soften the transition from dog to background.
* The size of the art quilt is 23” W x 22” H.
* The entire quilt has been quilted in a design that compliments each section of the dog artwork.
* There are four loops at the top for ease of hanging using a dowel or other decorative straight rod (rod not included).

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