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About GD

Greyt Designs was born out of my love of great art. I have a passion for beautiful handmade home décor.

I love designing and creating things of beauty. I’ve been creating for many years, honing my skills and loving every minute of it.

My two favorite things are art quilts, and digital designs. Many times, one design is transformed into another medium. For example, an art quilt that I designed and created may also transformed into a digital design to become a pillow case or an art print.

    Greyhound Quilt Art       Brown Art Print             Fish Cross Stitch Art Quilt

I’ve always been creative. I love the versatility of working with fabric and textiles.  There are so many colors, so many designs … so much inspiration.

The idea of transforming something as raw as a scrap of fabric into a beautiful art quilt, an art print, a poster, and a pillow case is amazing. The finished product always surprises me.

Our Inspiration

Elephant Pillow Case

Inspiration comes from many places. As a huge animal and nature lover, most of my inspiration comes from the beauty that surrounds me.

My dogs, the ocean, the birds, nature, and the seasons of the year.

I am very proud to offer a wide variety of products. Each one was lovingly created with the goal of offering our customers unique and beautiful works of art for your home.

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