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Fiber Art

Fabric Art

You know what’s wrong with traditional wall art? Nothing. If you like traditional, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

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But, if you enjoy even more compliments and to show of your spectacular style, you may want something that is a little less traditional.

Let’s say you love animals. It could be dogs, cats, wild animals, or all of them. Would you consider decorating one room of your house in an animal theme? Maybe even your entire house? In one of the houses I lived in, we had an animal theme going on throughout the house. It was fun, it was lovely, and we got a lot of compliments on our decor.

There is nothing wrong with having a common theme throughout your home, especially if it is something you’re passionate about.

Because we are creative, many of our home décor is hand made by us or something that we fell in love with at a craft fair.

Some of what we create doesn’t quite fit into any of the other categories on our website, so we created one called Fiber Art.