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Baby Blankets

Blankets For Babies

What is more fun than shopping for a newborn baby?

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Each baby is the most precious gift a family can get. You want the baby to feel happy, comfortable, warm, and loved.

Before he or she is born, you make plans and get everything ready for their arrival.

It’s almost as exciting for family members and friends. They get caught up in the excitement too.

My kids are grown but the feelings and pleasure of a newborn have never left. I still have one or two boxes of the extra special baby things that I have kept all these years. They are my baby keepsakes. Some of these pieces are personalized or are too cute to give away. Things that I intend to give to our grandchildren (should we ever have the pleasure).

One of the most treasured baby keepsakes, is a Baby Blanket that has been made specifically for the new family member.

Don’t have the time or the talent to make one yourself? Check out our creations. We love designing and creating blankets for babies.