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Fabric Art Designs

Red Birds Wall Art Quilt

Fabric Wall Art Designs

I've been busy over the past few weeks. The demands from the holidays may have slowed me down a little, but I was still able to work on a few new designs.

Elephant Wall Art As of today, I have more than eight fabric art designs in various stages of completeness.


I'm working on them a little every day, one or two at a time. One or more may be finished within a week or so.

Although I enjoyed the holidays with family, I am happy to have the time to work on my art again. Designing and creating works of art is what I love to do the most. It's very rewarding to me when I've completed a piece of art.

About the art pieces in progress:

The elephant design above is one of a set of four. Each elephant is similar. The theme is the same, however each one has it's own individual finishing touches. When they are all finished, they'll be available as a set, or individually.

Elk Wall Art Hanging     Bear Wall Art Hanging

The Elk and the Bear are also in-progress. At this time, I'm adding embroidered edging to the black borders. The goal is to keep these simple to keep the focal point on the beauty of these animals.

Red Birds Wall Art Home Decor

The Red Birds wall art quilt is a beauty. The color scheme is gorgeous. The complimenting flower arrangement and embroidery along the border frame the print beautifully. Can you tell I love this piece? It will be finished as soon as I decide on how to finish it.

You've probably noticed that there is a common theme here - animals. That's because I love animals and nature, and it's where I get most of my inspiration.

There are some other pieces that I'm working on. I'll write and let you know about those wall art quilts in the next blog post.

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